Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Next Few Months

Well, we have finished traveling for awhile, we are moved into our new house, and it's a straight shot--as near as I can tell--between now and baby's due date. My goal is to complete at least one simple craft project a week between now and then, and post about it. Here is a list of some of the crafty things I'd like to make or do in the next few months:

Heart pincushions
Ironing board cover
Summer skirts for my girls
Paper cones for Elizabeth's party
Invitations for Elizabeth's party
Baking soda shoe sachets
Altered kitchen bulletin board and push pins
Seasonal potholders
Re-tick dingy pillows
Removable covers for couch pillows
Re-upholster dining room chairs
Sew covers for the kids' chairs (in hopes that the new upholstery won't meet the same fate as the old)


Donetta said...

ll look at you...Cool blog I did not know about this one. How wonderful to be expecting so many wonderful things:)

Jen said...

From the look of your list, you appear to be nesting! I loved that stage of pregnancy--except maybe the one time I thought I needed to scrub every corner of the house with a toothbrush (because, after all, my new baby was going to notice right away!).

I am so not crafty...but like looking at your projects!

Charity Grace said...

Donetta, I don't know if I will accomplish them all or not...But it's fun to dream!

Jen, I think you are right, it does look like a nesting list. I feel in a nesting frenzy, especially since we just moved in. Must be organized before baby comes!!! :)

triciasagen said...

I definitely need a new ironing board cover-please make one up and tell me how it goes! I need some motivation and inspiration!

Charity Grace said...

Tricia, I would actually buy one, but I have an extra-wide ironing board and I can't find a cover anywhere. I'll let you know how it goes!