Sunday, August 26, 2007

The How and Why of Simple Craft

Why does the world need another craft blog? Well, it may not, but even in the craft blog world I saw a void of inspiration for simple, quick projects. I'm a busy wife and mom and crafting happens in small snatches, if at all. If I wait till the house is clean and the laundry is done before I craft, I never will (because those tasks are never completed). But I do need an outlet for my creativity, so when I can slip a moment in, I need projects that bring fast results. I've found that I have to apply a few other principles to my crafting...One is to use what I have on hand much of the time, another is not to overload myself with "stash" (the clutter is overwhelming), and a third--the most important--is not to fall prey to perfectionism. Bottom line, I don't have time for perfection, and I have to learn to be content with my best under the circumstances.

By the way, the whimsical dolls above were made by my sis...She freehanded a pattern and stitched them up. Simple craft at its best!

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